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 Ranks and details on each.

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Ranks and details on each. Empty
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Ranks and info on each (You should read your rank):

Leader- The wolf who leads the pack and makes the desicions.
Deputy- Leader's adviser. Organizes patrols and helps leader make desicions.
Healer- Heals the sick and injured.
Healer Learner- Trains under the healer.
Warrior- Hunts and defends the clan.
Learner- Trains under warriors.
Elder- A retired warrior.
Queen- She-wolves who are expecting.
Pups- Young wolves

Below are some details about different ranks.

A leader has nine lives.
They can retire at any time they want, whether of a serious injury or age.
A leader's word is law.
A leader must be loyal.
At choosing deputies, a leader will listen to the advise of their ancestors at the StarPool.

A deputy will advise the leader.
When a leader is sick, deputy takes his place until the leader is well again.
A deputy must be chosen before moonhigh.
A deputy will replace the leader when he dies or retires.
A deputy is expected to retire at the age of 45 moons.

A healer is allowed to have a mate.
If a healer has a mate, they MUST be training an apprentice.
A healer must help ANY injured wolf, but only at the patient's own will.
A healer MUST have an apprentice by the age of 20 moons.

A healer learner might not have to be a kit when they are chosen.
If a healer wants a learner, then she/he must get the chosen one to agree.
A healer learner becomes a healer after 8 moons of apprenticeship.

A warrior has to feed the clan first.
A warrior who is having difficulties doing their tasks from expectation of kits will move to the nursery.
Love between the two tribes is not allowed. (Though there is forbidden love. But there are consequences.)
A warrior should retire at the age of 45 moons.

A learner must listen to their mentor's instructions.
A learner will become a warrior after 4 moons of apprenticeship.
If a learner breaks rules, the punishment shall be given by the clan leader.

Elders are to be respected.

A queen is not to do any hunting or fighting.
Queens should protect each other's kits.

A kit becomes a learner at 6 moons of age.
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Ranks and details on each.
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