Live the life of a wolf.
Hello, and welcome to LandOfTheWolves, a realistic wolf RP forum! :) I'm Mystic, Admin of this forum. Before you go check out anything else, please read the rules. Then you can make a join form for your character. :P

There are two packs, the Pack of Howling Moon and the Pack of Moonlit Trees. They are constantly at war, stealing each other's prey and battling for territory. Choose wisely, for this decision will decide you fate.

Feel the wind in your fur, the grass beneath your paws. Will you make yourself known?
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 Eclipses hide out

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PostSubject: Eclipses hide out   Eclipses hide out EmptySat Feb 04, 2012 8:04 pm

Eclipse sat at the edge of her den, her creamy fur seeming to shine.
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Eclipses hide out
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